Reducing Pollution in Lake Beihu

Lake Beihu in China is a scenic spot close to the core area of the high-tech zone and acts as an urban greenbelt. It holds various art activities and offers services for leisure and recreational activities. Bare Native worked with the local Chinese authorities to create a work package that would see the lake be restored to its natural state by targeting its main pollution problems, with a target of conserving the area. (more…)
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Lake Heritage, Gettysburg, PA

In 2015, Bare Native, along with its partners, established a new method of biological treatment for reducing harmful algal blooms. “When you give a lake what it needs to stay healthy, weed; muck and algae problems naturally disappear” (more…)
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Indian Lake Restoration – Michigan

Bare Native, along with our partners, prescribed  a select blend of natural ingredients (our nano-nutrient matrix) that worked with the lakes euphoric problems. Our nano-nutrient matrix, packed full of nutrients, was dispersed into the lake feed microalgae/diatoms. We were able to prove that more diatoms equals more marine life, clean waters and clean air. (more…)
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Ningxia Sand Lake Pilot Remediation Project

In 2016, our team were part of the Ningxia Sand Lake Pilot Remediation Project under David Cameron’s (UK Prime Minister) office. We set about establishing the two kinds of pollution in Sand Lake, specifically targeting the toxic blue-green algae caused because of major pollution that was suffocating marine life and causing major fish kills (more…)
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Jinguanyun River

A location that endures stress from water run-off, pollutants, sewage and other toxic chemicals are discharged into this urban river causing high risk of illness to the community and wildlife nearby. (more…)
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