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  • Rewilding, or just a greenwashed land grab? It all depends on who benefits | Eleanor Salter May 28, 2022
    Such schemes should be celebrated only when local people and democratic institutions lead the wayFew environmental ventures have captured the popular imagination quite like rewilding. For decades, campaigners have been clamouring for the restoration of natural ecosystems as an urgent response to climate breakdown, and as a good in itself. And now it counts more […]
    Eleanor Salter
  • Beekeepers and communists: how environmentalists started a global conversation May 28, 2022
    The world’s longest serving environment correspondent explains the origins of a slow and continuing journeyIt all began with Högertrafikomläggningen, Swedish for “the right-hand traffic reorganisation”. On 3 September 1967, Sweden switched from driving on the left to driving on the right. The change mainly took place at night, but in Stockholm and Malmö all traffic […]
    Geoffrey Lean
  • Consultant who ditched Shell: ‘take a look at yourselves in the mirror’ May 28, 2022
    Caroline Dennett says she has been flooded with support after decision that has cost ‘around 60%-70% of my business’Caroline Dennett’s eye was caught by a placard with two stark words: “insiders wanted”. The safety consultant was watching a video of Extinction Rebellion climate protesters who had glued themselves inside Shell’s headquarters in April and were […]
    Alex Lawson Energy correspondent
  • Country diary: This sea cave keeps secrets May 28, 2022
    Flamborough Head, East Yorkshire: Guarded by a posse of puffins and kittiwakes, it’s a captivating spot; grand and shadowy and leathery underfootWe’ve come to the edge of our realm to see birds who’ve done the same. Kittiwakes, puffins, razorbills and guillemots, the odd pair of fulmars – they teeter, shuffle and squawk on the brink […]
    Amy-Jane Beer
  • Ailing orca stuck in France’s River Seine to be lured to sea using drone with loudspeakers May 28, 2022
    A drone emitting orca sounds will be used in attempt to guide the animal, whose health is fast deterioratingAn orca lost in France’s River Seine is to be guided back to sea using sounds made by the species under a last-ditch plan to save the animal’s life.The local prefecture said it would monitor the animal, […]
  • Voters often invest their hopes in a new government, but the atmosphere feels more like relief May 27, 2022
    With empathy and goodwill Anthony Albanese’s Labor government can end the inane climate warsGet our free news app; get our morning email briefingThis observation is more whimsy than science, but indulge me for a moment. Australians don’t change the stripe of their federal government that often and when they do, they make an emotional investment […]
    Katharine Murphy
  • The Guardian view on Australia’s election: Labor needs to go bigger on climate | Editorial May 27, 2022
    Labor won by offering modest environmental policies. It will have to go further in office to deal with the climate emergencyIn his victory speech on election night last Saturday, Labor’s Anthony Albanese promised to turn Australia into a “renewable energy superpower” and end a decade of “climate wars”. This was good news. Under rightwing Coalition […]
  • Britain is paving the way for gene-edited food – will the public stomach it? May 27, 2022
    Twenty years ago, the anti-GM movement had wide backing. Experts say the current mood on gene editing is softerAt the height of the anti-GM movement, in 1999, the then head of Greenpeace UK, Peter Melchett, was charged with theft and criminal damage after scything down a field of genetically modified maize.In a decisive victory for […]
    Hannah Devlin Science correspondent
  • Under a nest: protected gulls roost on roof of Dorset police car May 27, 2022
    Officers block access to vehicle to keep pair of herring gulls undisturbedYou may think they have plenty of conventional spots – cliffs, islands, seaside rooftops, chimney pots – to nest on.But a pair of herring gulls have opted to construct their nest on the roof of a Dorset police car, taking it out of action […]
    Steven Morris
  • One of UK’s rarest corals set to expand its range as climate change warms seas May 27, 2022
    Pink sea fan, at risk from bottom-trawling, predicted to spread northwards around coast up to Scotland as sea temperatures riseIt is one of Britain’s rarest and most threatened species, primarily due to bottom-trawling fishing, but researchers have found that the pink sea fan coral could expand its range in the climate crisis.A slow-growing coral found […]
    Karen McVeigh
  • Lizards or snakes? The stark game of survival playing out in Ibiza May 27, 2022
    The growing trend for imported olive trees has brought hoards of invasive snakes to the Spanish island, threatening the future of its wall lizardFar below the Ibiza sun, a solitary lizard fidgets across the baking rocks on the southern tip of the island, happily oblivious to what may lurk ahead.After 6m years of isolated evolution, […]
    Sam Jones in Ibiza
  • Stop abuse of migrant workers before Britain becomes the next Dubai | Pete Pattisson May 27, 2022
    Exploitation common in the Gulf is emerging in the UK – and will only get worse without government interventionImpoverished migrant workers forced to pay thousands of pounds in illegal recruitment fees, housed in squalid accommodation and unable to leave their jobs voluntarily. Is this Qatar? UAE? Saudi Arabia? No, it’s post-Brexit Britain.Revelations that Nepali workers […]
    Pete Pattisson
  • They once worked for big oil’s enablers. Now they refuse to be complicit May 27, 2022
    Workers within industries that prop up fossil fuels said they could no longer ignore the climate crisis. So they quitMore than a century ago, fossil fuel firms hardly needed help maintaining their image. Coal-powered trains, oil-burning power plants and gas-heated houses were likened to patriotism and social progress. But over time, especially as industry scientists […]
    Leanna First-Arai
  • The week in wildlife – in pictures May 27, 2022
    The best of this week’s wildlife pictures, including hungry seagulls, a puffin census and a shy stingray Continue reading...
    Joanna Ruck
  • Country diary: If you want to feel giddy and small, look up at the sky May 27, 2022
    M5, Somerset: Clouds only last for minutes, constantly dissolving and reforming. But what grandeur in that short lifeEvery time I return to Somerset I am knocked sideways by the size of the skies. Heading away from Bristol, just past Gordano, the motorway crests on a long bend. Far away to the right, I catch a […]
    Anita Roy
  • How the climate crisis upturned Australian politics – podcast May 27, 2022
    The rightwing coalition that has run Australia for most of the past decade has been ejected from power by voters sick of its inaction on the climate crisis, says Lenore TaylorFor years, Australia’s Liberal prime ministers have denied the need for action on the climate crisis and then delayed taking it. Last Saturday, it helped […]
    Presented by Michael Safi with Lenore Taylor; produced by Tom Glasser and Rudi Zygadlo; executive producers Phil Maynard and Elizabeth Cassin
  • People in US and UK face huge financial hit if fossil fuels lose value, study shows May 26, 2022
    Strong climate action could wipe $756bn from individuals’ pension funds and other investments in rich countriesIndividuals in rich countries face huge financial losses if climate action slashes the value of fossil fuel assets, a study shows, despite many oil and gas fields being in other countries.The researchers estimated that existing oil and gas projects worth […]
    Damian Carrington Environment editor
  • Sunak’s windfall tax is a ‘sticking plaster’, say climate campaigners May 26, 2022
    Tax on oil and gas companies described as ‘missed opportunity’ to tackle climate and cost of living crisesThe windfall tax is only a “sticking plaster” to provide temporary relief on energy bills that does nothing to improve the UK’s leaky homes, and encourages oil and gas companies into more production, climate campaigners have said.They say […]
    Fiona Harvey Environment correspondent
  • Knepp estate: why the king and queen of rewilding are farming again after 20 years May 26, 2022
    Charlie Burrell and Isabella Tree were pioneers of rewilding in the UK. Now they are setting their sights on regenerative agriculture, which will supply food to a new farm shop and cafeIt’s odd to hear the owners of the UK’s pioneering rewilding project at Knepp estate in West Sussex gushing about farming. But Charlie Burrell […]
    Phoebe Weston
  • Dining across the divide: ‘How can he come from Latvia and support Brexit?’ May 26, 2022
    They both accept the EU’s failings, find common ground on Covid and the climate crisis, but can an accountant and actor strike up a friendship post-referendum?Fancy dining across the divide? Find out how to take partDans, 28, BirminghamOccupation Accountant Continue reading...
    Zoe Williams