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  • ‘I couldn’t get him to move’: dog owners struggle through US heatwave July 15, 2024
    Blazing temperatures force people to find new ways to keep their pets safe, cool and occupied: ‘They sit, pee and go home’Heat-resistant bootees, frozen bananas and pet sunscreen – it takes a lot to keep dogs safe during a nationwide heatwave. As pet owners across the US try to keep cool themselves, they’re changing dog-walking […]
    Alaina Demopoulos in New York
  • ‘Just give me 30 men and a few arms’: Honduran Indigenous groups ready to fight to save land July 15, 2024
    Miskito and other groups demand government action against criminal forces behind an unprecedented wave of deforestation in their territoryAvilés Morphy pulled out his mobile phone and swiped through the photos until he reached a shot showing fallen trees in what looked like the aftermath of a hurricane. “That was a big forest and look how […]
    Jeff Ernst in Mocorón, Honduras
  • Weather tracker: Parts of Europe suffer under heatwave – with little relief at night July 15, 2024
    Greece experiencing most severe wildfire risk in two decades and some reservoirs hit lowest levels in a decadeSouthern and eastern Europe will continue to experience a heatwave throughout much of this week, with daytime temperatures across the Balkans widely reaching the high 30s to low 40s celsius; more than 7C above the seasonal norm. Night-time […]
    Theo Gkousarov (Metdesk)
  • First Asian elephant vaccinated in fight against deadly herpes virus July 15, 2024
    Tess, a 40-year-old female at Houston zoo, has been given a trial mRNA vaccine to help combat the virus, a leading killer of calves in captivityAn Asian elephant at Houston zoo in the US has received the first mRNA vaccine against herpes, which is the leading killer of Asian elephants calves in captivity.Tess, a 40-year-old […]
    Patrick Greenfield
  • The horror of everything all the time! Wait a minute, here is a happy snail story! | First Dog on the Moon July 15, 2024
    Political violence is not OK but what about snails are they OK?Sign up here to get an email whenever First Dog cartoons are publishedGet all your needs met at the First Dog shop if what you need is First Dog merchandise and prints Continue reading...
    First Dog on the Moon
  • Sceptics say EVs will overwhelm the grid. In fact, they could be part of the solution July 15, 2024
    Electric vehicles are ‘batteries on wheels’ that can put energy back into the National Grid when solar panels and windfarms do not provide much power Electric cars make some people afraid of the dark. While the batteries produce much less carbon, they require much more electricity to run. This has prompted ominous warnings that Great […]
    Jasper Jolly
  • Ed Miliband to lead UK negotiations at Cop29 climate summit July 15, 2024
    Senior climate figures welcome move after Conservative government largely left the role to junior ministersEd Miliband is to take personal control of the UK’s negotiations at vital international climate talks, in stark contrast to his Tory predecessors.The energy security and net zero secretary will attend Cop29, this year’s UN climate summit, in Azerbaijan this November […]
    Fiona Harvey Environment editor
  • Country diary: Nature shows its mettle at the old steelworks | Amanda Thomson July 15, 2024
    Ravenscraig, North Lanarkshire: A place once of coke ovens and cooling towers is now enlivened with orchids and stonecrop, and swards of grassesI’m walking through Ravenscraig, once the site of the largest steelworks in Europe, which was closed and demolished more than 30 years ago. While there has been some redevelopment on its fringes, the […]
    Amanda Thomson
  • Lost area of Welsh rainforest to be returned to ancient glory July 15, 2024
    Site in Pembrokeshire currently grazed by sheep will be planted with a range of species and reconnect to Celtic pastA lost piece of Celtic rainforest in the far south-west of Wales is to be restored to its ancient glory, weaving around standing stones and an abandoned, tumbling-down farmhouse with a waterwheel.The 59-hectare (146-acre) site in […]
    Steven Morris
  • Outfoxed: the ‘smart’ ferals are adapting to Australian cities, and wreaking havoc in the bush July 14, 2024
    It’s not entirely clear if fox numbers are on the rise in urban areas, but research shows they are learning to avoid hazards such as dogs and poisonous baitsFollow our Australia news live blog for latest updatesGet our morning and afternoon news emails, free app or daily news podcastAlex Abbey’s security camera captured something moving […]
    Daisy Dumas and Rafqa Touma
  • ‘Beat the heat’: Madrid looks to cool off with culture amid climate crisis July 14, 2024
    Initiative aims to coax visitors and local people into air-conditioned venues during sweltering summer afternoonsA little after 3pm on a weekday afternoon, the footsteps and voices that echoed along the hallowed halls of the Prado were silenced by a series of percussive detonations that could have been mistaken for an indoor fireworks display.The source of […]
    Sam Jones in Madrid
  • ‘Goldmine’ collection of wheat from 100 years ago may help feed the world, scientists say July 14, 2024
    A British geneticist scoured the globe for diverse grains in the 1920s. His research could be vital as the climate changesA hundred years ago, the plant scientist Arthur Watkins launched a remarkable project. He began collecting samples of wheat from all over the globe, nagging consuls and business agents across the British empire and beyond […]
    Robin McKie Science editor
  • Where are all the butterflies this summer? Their absence is telling us something important | Tony Juniper July 13, 2024
    This isn’t down to one wet, cold British spring but a disturbing longer-term decline in insects. Thankfully, we can helpAnyone with even a passing interest in the natural world will have noticed a dramatic phenomenon this year: a lack of insects. Perhaps most noticeable is the near-absence of butterflies. Species that are usually common, such […]
    Tony Juniper
  • Footage shows snail on the brink of extinction giving birth through its neck - video July 13, 2024
    The Campbell’s keeled glass-snail was officially extinct until March 2020, when a local citizen scientist found it on the remote Norfolk Island. 40 of the thumbnail-sized snails were taken to a dedicated and quarantined captive breeding facility in Taronga zoo. 40 baby snails were born in the last fortnight, after initially struggling to reproduce in […]
  • Week in wildlife – in pictures: a rare blue frog, a cheeky heron and climbing bears July 12, 2024
    The best of this week’s wildlife photographs from around the world Continue reading...
    Joanna Ruck
  • Heatwave tourism in Death Valley – in pictures July 12, 2024
    Hundreds of Europeans touring the American west and adventurers from around the US are being drawn to Death Valley national park, even though the desolate region known as one of Earth’s hottest places is being punished by a dangerous heatwave, which was blamed for a motorcyclist’s recent death Continue reading...
    Ty O'Neil and Anita Snow / Associated Press
  • ‘Frog saunas’ could save species from deadly fungal disease, study finds July 11, 2024
    Australian scientists create brick refuges in greenhouses to help green and golden bell frogs survive infectionA “sauna” treatment for frogs has been used by researchers in Australia to successfully fight a deadly fungal disease that has devastated amphibians around the world, according to a new study.Scientists created refuges for the animals using painted masonry bricks […]
    Patrick Greenfield
  • There’s a ‘trash revolution’ in New York – exciting for everyone but the rats July 11, 2024
    NYC has lagged behind the UK in waste disposal. But with wheelie bins replacing bin bags, we’re finally catching upLast year, 200 composting bins were rolled out in New York City, with a unit on every other corner you could open and close via an app. This was exciting for those of us who have […]
    Emma Brockes
  • ‘Everyone was paddling to get away’: seals with rabies alarm South Africa’s surfers July 11, 2024
    Seals have been biting people in the first big outbreak of the disease in marine mammals, writes Nick Dall in Cape TownIt’s happened to me dozens of times: I’m riding a wave when, out of the corner of my eye, I see a black shape coming up beneath me. Being in Cape Town – a […]
    Guardian Staff
  • Trash talk: New York City has finally discovered the wheelie bin – and it only cost $1.6m | Arwa Mahdawi July 10, 2024
    After decades of bags lining the streets, the mayor has proudly wheeled out a McKinsey-approved trash canThe revolution will not be televised. Unless it’s Mayor Eric Adams’s Trash Revolution, of course. In which case a press conference will be held, music blasted, and every camera crew in the five boroughs invited.On Monday the mayor of […]
    Arwa Mahdawi