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  • Government documents ‘blow gaping hole’ in its case for Cumbrian coalmine March 2, 2024
    Michael Gove said UK needed coal to make steel, but business department papers drafted around same time say it will notPreviously unseen documents have emerged that appear to contradict the government’s case for a new coalmine in Cumbria.When Michael Gove, the levelling up secretary, approved plans to build the Woodhouse Colliery near Whitehaven in December […]
    Damien Gayle
  • ‘It makes me so sad’: church reemerges from reservoir as Spain faces droughts March 2, 2024
    Increased evaporation, shorter rainy seasons and less mountain snow cover are set to worsen water crises in the western MediterraneanMagdalena Coromina tapped the hard ground with her walking stick and looked up at a church that was meant to be underwater. Six decades ago, when engineers had built the reservoir in which she stood, they […]
    Ajit Niranjan
  • Country diary: The plovers peck and the sandpipers probe | Mary Montague March 2, 2024
    Tyrella Beach, Co Down: The tide is out, and so are the waders, all magnificently modified and finessed from their common ancestorI adjust my spotting scope and get a sudden close-up of these contrasting strategies. A ringed plover has paused nearby. It tilts its head, then rushes forward to stab its short bill into the […]
    Mary Montague
  • Single orca seen killing great white shark off South African coast March 1, 2024
    Attack on juvenile is thought to be first known time a lone orca has hunted down a great whiteIt is a smash and grab that has stunned scientists: in less than two minutes, a killer whale attacked and consumed a great white shark before swimming off with the victim’s liver in its mouth.Experts say the […]
    Nicola Davis Science correspondent
  • C’mon kids! Here’s your chance to get published in the Guardian March 1, 2024
    Our nature series Young Country Diary is looking for pieces written by children about their spring wildlife adventuresOnce again, the Young Country Diary series is open for submissions! Every three months, as the UK enters a new season, we ask you to send us a piece written by a child aged 8-14.The article needs to […]
    Guardian community team
  • The disaster you could see from space: how a podcast went inside an eco catastrophe March 1, 2024
    Nineteen dead, hundreds homeless and 700,000 taking legal action. Eco true-crime podcast Dead River delves into a Brazilian dam’s collapse – and how it’s led to the UK’s biggest ever class-action lawsuitI listen to Dead River while running home from a quick dip, surrounded by fag butts and Lucozade bottles, in the brown stretch of […]
    Nell Frizzell
  • Danish firm’s ‘climate-controlled pork’ claim misleading, court rules March 1, 2024
    Campaigners say decision against Danish Crown, Europe’s largest pork producer, sends resounding messageEurope’s largest pork producer misled customers with its “climate-controlled pork” campaign, Denmark’s high court has ruled in the country’s first climate lawsuit.Campaigners argued that Danish Crown greenwashed its meat with round, pink stickers on its packaging that said pigs were “climate-controlled”, along with […]
    Ajit Niranjan Europe environment correspondent
  • ‘Stop insuring fossil fuel’: activists target London insurers in week of action March 1, 2024
    Marches, protests and sabotage attacks as City at forefront of global campaign against industryTraffic petered out on Gracechurch Street, in the heart of London’s financial district, as hundreds marched down the road, in step with samba drummers beating a military tattoo. “Climate activists for a free Palestine,” said the banner that led them.Their target was […]
    Damien Gayle Environment correspondent
  • Act to save Dartmoor rainforest from sheep, urge campaigners March 1, 2024
    Authorities asked to step in to protect Black-a-Tor Copse, an ancient temperate rainforest in Devon at risk from overgrazingThere are acorns galore and tiny oaks sprouting from tussocky grass beside the gnarled ancient trees of Black-a-Tor Copse on the northern slopes of Dartmoor national park.But each tiny sapling grows no higher than a sheep’s chin […]
    Patrick Barkham
  • Gay, lesbian and intersex whales: our queer sea has much to teach us March 1, 2024
    The first documented sex between two male humpback whales is just the latest challenge to our presumptions about sexualityWhales are extraordinarily sensuous creatures. Those blubbery bodies are highly sensitive, and sensitised. At social meetings, pods of sperm, humpback and right whales will roll around one another’s bodies for hours at a time. I’ve seen a […]
    Philip Hoare
  • Want to grow your own crops? Start by learning from others – in real life or online March 1, 2024
    Growing food is easier than you think, regardless of how much money, space or time you haveI was working as a documentary producer in New York when I stumbled upon a rooftop farm and realised that growing food was the work for me. (Though I assure you there are less ridiculous ways to get started with […]
    Claire Ratinon
  • Texas farmers claim company sold them PFAS-contaminated sludge that killed livestock March 1, 2024
    Two ranches also allege biosolids with ‘forever chemicals’ ruined crops, polluted drinking water and left their properties worthlessA Texas county has launched a first-of-its-kind criminal investigation into waste management giant Synagro over PFAS-contaminated sewage sludge it is selling to Texas farmers as a cheap alternative to fertilizer.Two small Texas ranches at the center of that […]
    Tom Perkins
  • The week in wildlife – in pictures: hugging bear cubs, quarrelling birds and London goslings March 1, 2024
    The best of this week’s wildlife photographs from around the world Continue reading...
    Joanna Ruck
  • Weatherwatch: how solar farms benefit bees and butterflies March 1, 2024
    Research shows pollinating insects thrive in solar parks, particularly where a variety of plants are flourishingAfter the cloudy and wet winter, it may seem surprising that solar farms are becoming an increasing fixture in the British landscape. The low cost of solar electricity production, coupled with battery storage, is clearly commercially viable. But it is […]
    Paul Brown
  • Tories accused of hypocrisy for supporting farmers’ protests March 1, 2024
    Campaigners and human rights experts point to crackdown on climate and Gaza protestsThe Conservatives have been accused by human rights experts of hypocrisy after cracking down on climate and Gaza protests while celebrating and endorsing farmers’ protests in Wales.Rishi Sunak joined a protest of farmers in Wales last Friday, after they had obstructed a road […]
    Helena Horton and Damien Gayle
  • Devolved leaders reject shortlist for climate watchdog chair over Tory links March 1, 2024
    Refusal by Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish leaders to approve candidates means whole recruitment process may have to be rerunMinisters in Westminster have been accused of trying to blunt the teeth of the UK’s net zero watchdog by appointing a Tory loyalist to the post of chair of the Climate Change Committee (CCC).The leaders of […]
    Severin Carrell, Fiona Harvey and Steven Morris
  • ‘Two worlds colliding’: Berlin transport workers and climate activists unite over rights March 1, 2024
    Two groups are striking for better working conditions and investment in Germany’s underfunded public transportAt first sight, the gathering in an office complex in east Berlin resembles a self-help group. But the public transport workers and climate protesters sitting in a semi-circle introducing themselves have been thrown together, they say, to fight for a common […]
    Kate Connolly in Berlin
  • Ofwat accused of cover-up over dinners with water companies February 29, 2024
    Calls for inquiry after regulator failed to declare hospitality with those it holds to account over sewage spillsThe water regulator for England and Wales has been accused of a cover-up after failing to declare dinners its chairman had with water company executives at a private members’ club as hospitality.The Guardian revealed earlier this month that […]
    Helena Horton Environment reporter
  • El Niño forecast to drive record heat from the Amazon to Alaska in 2024 February 29, 2024
    Coastal areas facing ‘enormous and urgent climate crisis’ as event supercharges human-caused global heating, scientists sayThe current climate event known as El Niño is likely to supercharge global heating and deliver record-breaking temperatures from the Amazon to Alaska in 2024, analysis has found.Coastal areas of India by the Bay of Bengal and by the South […]
    Damian Carrington Environment editor
  • Risotto crisis: the fight to save Italy’s beloved dish from extinction February 29, 2024
    After drought devastated prized arborio and carnaroli harvests in the Po valley, new rice varieties offer a glimmer of hope. But none are yet suitable for use in the traditional recipePhotographs by Marco Massa and Haakon SandFor most of winter and spring in 2022, Luigi Ferraris, a 58-year-old rice farmer from Mortara, a town in […]
    Ottavia Spaggiari