Powered by The Best Growth Hub, Bare Native won our first NOVO Award in 2021, at a ceremony that celebrates businesses with a vested interest in innovation.

For over 3 years, we had been using science, technology and on-the-ground pilot projects to develop a profound and disruptive healing solution to the effects of pollutants within water, which has since taken us further into the opportunity to clean water and reverse climate change on a huge scale.

A huge thank you goes to Jenny Martin from Best Growth Hub who recommended that we apply, and has kindly given us ongoing business support for our research.

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Climate Launchpad

On the  29th October 2021, Bare Native was announced as first place winners for its’ theme in the world’s largest green business competition, out competing 2,136 other ideas to the podium. This was a huge win for climate science and future food production for our planet. Abigail Gibson-Wass, founder of Bare Native says “a monumental win that showcases the diversity of our nano nutrient development that proves its credibility as viable solution that tackles climate change and food production. What started out as a very simple idea, has evolved exponentially thanks to our team of extraordinary science minds. We’ve spent many hours formulating a viable, efficient, and completely natural solution to climate change that can absorb carbon from the atmosphere. Our dream is to deliver affordable CO2 sequestration processes using all water bodies across the world by capturing between 30-40GT per year through atmospheric carbon capture, whilst also reviving marine life and cleaning water for future generations.”