World Water Day 2021


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March 22nd marks World Water Day. The United Nations have asked: what does water mean to you? And how can our water be better protected across the world? Here is Bare Native’s pledge…

We cannot survive without water, yet many treat our water supplies as if they are disposable. Increases in oil spills, poor sanitation and warming of the oceans means urgent action is needed if we are to protect this vital supply. Whilst we may think that access to water is a given right, it remains something of a privilege. Minority communities and countries continue to be adversely impacted due to water sanitation.

For me, water means protection.  A well-managed water cycle – encompassing drinking water, sanitation, hygiene, wastewater, transboundary governance, the environment and more – means a defence against ill-health and indignity and a response to challenges from a changing climate and increasing global demand.

– UN Secretary General, António Guterres.

With the UN Secretary General’s words in mind, we want to make our pledge. At Bare Native we will find natural and sustainable ways to protect and clean the worlds water supply. With exciting research into carbon capture technologies, we have a dedicated team working hard to close the disparaging gap on water poverty; creating sustainable and ‘well-managed water cycle[s]’. Whilst simultaneously working with our team of scientists to respond to the devastating impacts of climate change.

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