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We’re going to give you some reasons why cold water swimming should become your new hobby! Many are trying it across the world after increasing research shows the incredible benefits to mind, body and soul after taking a dip in some cold water. We are lucky on Mersea Island to be surrounded by water, we really have no excuses… hopefully writing this blog and seeing our Instagram feed full with cold water swimmers, we will get the extra kick we need to get out into the sea this winter.


Research has shown that taking a swim or dip in cold water can have wonderful benefits to our bodies. Whilst being exposed to the harsh temperatures, you will want to practice your breathing, this becomes a two-fold exercise where you are helping to relieve any stress and anxieties your body is holding onto. As your body is having to work harder to pump blood around your body to combat the cold water, it can end up being a great exercise to boost fat loss and burn those extra calories. In the long term, with consistent exposure to cold temperatures, your body can actually develop a stronger immune system – just what we need right now!

If you are thinking of giving it a go, we would recommend you do your research, go with a buddy and make sure you are safe.

Mersea Mermaids

We caught up with the Mad Mersea Mermaids, a group of wonderfully crazy women who actually enjoy going for a dip in the cold sea! We caught up with them to find out what the appeal is, how it makes them feel and get some tips. Everyone began their cold water swimming journey for different reasons.

One of the mermaids has been diagnosed with MS, after hearing about the benefits cold water swimming can have, she couldn’t wait to give it a go. After the first few dips she noticed how her symptoms eased, felt less fatigued and significantly reduced pain in the body. Others in the group joined during the various lockdowns we have had this year or took part as a challenge. Now it has turned into a hobby, an activity that relieves stress, anxiety and the overwhelming feelings that the pandemic has brought.

The mermaids make sure their dips fall in line with the tide times, and they stay in the water for one minute per degree of the water during these colder months. Wearing their swimming costumes, hats, gloves and shoes they wade into the sea. Surrendering to the cold exposure, slowing their breathing down and embracing the beautiful tranquillity around them – a natural high! Leaving the sea, skin tingling and red, they wrap up warm, drinking their pre-prepared hot drink and head home – ready for the day ahead.

One of the unspoken benefits of cold water swimming, which is clearly seen with these mermaids, is the wonderful sense of community and the friendships that have been built. What better way to get through an unprecedented time in our lives?

You really can’t deny the power a cold water swim can have on your day, give it a go. Maybe we’ll see you in the water?

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