Proposed Project: Reducing Pollution in Lake Beihu


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Location: Lake Beihu, China
The problem:

This project is proposed by Bare Native and Kaitian working with local Chinese authorities EPA and Beihu  Lake authorities. The lake is 120,000 cubic metres in size having an average depth of 1.5 metres. Currently the water in Beihu lake has very high turbidity which is high volumes of suspended particles making the water murky. The water also has a green colour which is cyanobacteria. The water inlet to Beihu lake is from an underground spring. It is therefore reasonable to assume that it is of a reasonable grade as it is syphoned off to provide the city with water through a well house at the side of the lake . However 200 litres is feedback to Lake Beihu daily. This is the only supply of water to the lake other than rain water. It is also believed to be the intention of the city authorities to use all the water from the spring in the future. The water of Beihu Lake is static and therefore has a reduced quantity of oxygen. Local bird life and vegetation on the banks of the lake causes an oversupply of nutrients making the water in the lake  become eutrophic. 

The mission:

It is intended to use Nano Nutrient to raise the level of water quality. Initially we will demonstrate the capabilities of Nano Nutrient to improve the water quality using a 1000 litre tank. Once the right quality has been obtained we will use this as a guide and spay the lake using a 200 litre tank. The oxygen is being consumed in the lake and not being replaced, so by adding Nano Nutrient it will replace the O2 and use up the nutrients and  restore the  balance to Beihu Lake.


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