Proposed Project: Jinguanyun River


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Location: China
The problem:

The Jinguanyun River is a storm-water run off facility. There are a number of points along its 3.5km length where pollutants from urban runoff discharge into the river.  It is also recorded that during periods of heavy rain domestic sewage overflows into the river increasing its polluted state.

The mission:

Kaitian has highlighted – in the preliminary questionnaire – contamination from the overflow of domestic sewage. The test data confirms that the river has a high Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) of 190mg/L and a Low Dissolved Oxygen level (DO) of less than 0.2mg/L. The high COD tests recorded indicate that Jinguanyun River has high levels of organic material and pollutants in the water. The high COD is resulting in depleted levels of Dissolved Oxygen which are currently recorded at less than 0.2mg/L. COD measures how much oxygen is used as the organic material decays. The faster that the oxygen is used, the more organic material is present. There is insufficient DO present in the Jinguanyun River to maximise the waste water bacteria that is crucial for breaking down the identified pollutants. The key to the remediation of the Jinguanyun River is to increase the DO level and identify points of raw domestic sewage discharge and minimise discharge into the river. Our treatment design for the Jinguanyun River is natural, non-toxic biological treatment that will maximise the activity of waste water bacteria by adding additional oxygen to the water. 

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