Ocean Visions 2021 Summit


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In two weeks time, the annual Ocean Visions summit is taking place virtually. Many leading experts and researchers will be presenting their ideas and coming together to investigate the challenges we are facing with our oceans.

After submitting an abstract to present at the summit, the Bare Native team have been ecstatic to find out that we have been successfully accepted to present our on-going research. Our scientific research team will be presenting under the category of: Accelerating the Ocean’s Power to Sequester Carbon and Reverse Climate Disruption.

This is an exciting and privileged opportunity for Bare Native. The summit will grant the team access to talk through their ideas with leading scientific minds from all corners of the globe.  Over the course of four days, Ocean Visions will bring together like-minded individuals, corporations and researchers to create solutions and combat the problems we face as a collective in the fight against climate change and the resources being dispersed equitably.

Ocean Visions strives to cultivate a diverse, equitable, just, and inclusive community of researchers and practitioners around the world focused on solutions for a healthy and sustainable ocean. We aim to provide an inclusive voice for the role of ocean solutions in addressing societal needs.

The theme for this years summit is ‘Towards a Global Ecosystem for Ocean Solutions’. At Bare Native, we find the idea of global inclusivity extremely important to finding solutions to climate change. Ocean Visions ensure that many people from different backgrounds and cultures are included in the conversation; amplifying the voices of those who are underrepresented. They play an extremely important role in connecting the multiple layers of research to discovering a solution to the growing crisis our climate and oceans are facing.

Bare Native are trying to find disruptive and game-changing solutions to sequestering carbon through the power of our oceans. Through our development of our skincare brand, we have found an ingredient that can have this impact on a large scale. Instead of keeping this powerful element for our exclusive use, we want to use it to make positive change to the world that we inhabit. Our research wants to make these changes in the most natural, sustainable and healthy way for you and our planet.

It is an honour to have been invited to the Ocean Visions Summit, as one of the few research entities to take part in these important conversations about sequestering carbon. In the weeks following the summit, we cannot wait to share more information with you and give you a glimpse at how our presentation went.

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