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Whilst she needs no introduction, we wanted to showcase the talented Chrissie Westgate to you all. Chrissie has taken on the role of being the Head Judge for the Mersea Island Amateur Photographer Awards.

Based on Mersea Island, Chrissie can often be seen out and about capturing Mersea in all its beauty and at all hours of the day. Through lockdown and beyond, Chrissie had delighted us all with breath-taking images that show the serene and sombre moments that are just waiting to be discovered on our enchanting Island.

Harmony – at the moment of capture I am utterly captivated and absorbed in my subject. Delight – encapsulating a precious moment in time, such as the light dancing on the sea, or the sun setting is such a wonderful thing to be able to do.

Chrissie is talented in capturing not only stunning landscapes of Mersea, but she also creates some stunning portrait photography. Specialising in street and informal portraiture, Chrissie has spent a considerable amount of time in India, capturing a plethora of emotions in order to bring about change to the world. In 2016, she captured the special moment of our CEO’s wedding, one of the photos the encapsulated the quintessential wedding was shortlisted in the British Life Photography Awards 2017.

The extraordinary work from Chrissie has been displayed at The Victoria and Albert Museum, The Mall Gallery, The Menier Gallery, The Royal Albert Hall, The Greenwich Museum, Liverpool Street Station and many more. To explore her work further head over to her website, or you can find her on Facebook.

Chrissie Westgate owns all rights to the photos.

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