Bare Native through to the Global Finals with ClimateLaunchpad, the world’s largest climate business solutions competition


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On September 28, Bare Native, a female-founded, UK Marine Bioscience company, secured a place in the Global Finals for ClimateLaunchPad’s Global Green Businesses Competition, being just one of fourteen European climate change initiatives to go through. On October 27 and 28, their revolutionary strategy to help combat climate change through the bioremediation of oceans, rivers and lakes across the planet, will be presented in the Global Finals.

Professor Peter Wadhams, Shane Bond, Dr Vincenzo Riggio, Dr Cornelia Wilson and Paddy Doyle have been presenting their ground-breaking research that utilises the process of atmospheric carbon capture, and will sequester at least 69% of carbon from the atmosphere every single year by eliminating contaminants in the environment using microorganisms or plants, and improving the conditions in highly eutrophic waters by enhancing the natural occurring diatoms present within each body of water. The uplift in water conditions reinvigorates marine life and cleans the oceans.

This is a huge win for climate science, global water resources and our planet. Abigail Gibson-Wass, founder of Bare Native says “I’m over the moon with the poignant and significant win in the world of climate change. What started out as a very simple idea, has evolved exponentially thanks to our team of extraordinary science minds. We’ve spent many hours formulating a viable, efficient, and completely natural solution to climate change that can absorb carbon from the atmosphere. Our dream is to deliver affordable CO2 sequestration processes using all water bodies across the world by capturing between 30-40GT per year through atmospheric carbon capture, whilst also reviving marine life and cleaning water for future generations.”

Bare Native is a Marine Bioscience company based in West Mersea, Essex, UK. Research and development is carried out in partnership with Politecnico di Torino, Cambridge Polar Consultants Ltd and Canterbury Christ Church University.

Bare Native have developed a completely natural and eco friendly nano-nutrient that uses upcycled materials. Through research undertaken by Canterbury Christ Church University and Turin Polytechnic, the results show that our nano-nutrient is effective at cleaning water, that has the potential to also remove heavy metals, methane, and provide a healthy carbon-sink when used across all waterbodies around the world. Backed by Professor Peter Wadhams, Dr Cornelia Wilson and Shane Bond (scientist), Bare Native is not only closing the recycling circle using upcycled materials intended for landfill, but is also creating a healthy carbon sink, whilst at the same time restoring marine eco-systems back to health. Bare Native is a cosmetics and bio-tech company that uses nature and science to create sustainable and earth-healing products.

Our Dream : Deliver affordable CO2 sequestration processes using all water bodies across the world by capturing between 30-40GT per year through atmospheric carbon capture, whilst also reviving marine life and cleaning water for future generations. 

Our Mission : Significantly reducing CO2 from the atmosphere to reverse historical human impact on our planet.


ClimateLaunchpad is the world’s largest green business ideas competition. Our mission is to unlock the world’s cleantech potential that addresses climate change. The competition creates a stage for those ideas. ClimateLaunchpad is part of the Entrepreneurship offerings of EIT Climate-KIC.

Quote from Paolo, associate of Climate Launchpad

“Being Climate launchpad tutor had been an amazing experience. Supporting three start-ups on preparing their pitches for over one month has been a full immersion experience.

Particularly, I spent a lot of time with Abi and Shane of Bare Native supporting them on how to promote their project as best as possible. Doing so, I realize that their project may definitely contribute to the solution of water pollution and I am happy that I supported them on winning the competition.”

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