A win for Climate Change by UK Marine Bio Science company, Bare Native.


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Bare Native wins first place at the ClimateLaunchPad global green business ideas competition for their nano nutrient as a solution to food systems and repairing waters for food production around the world.

From 70 finalists, UK Marine Bio Science company, Bare Native, secured an overall top 16 position to be one of the global crème de la crème of green start-ups, and first place for creating one of the most viable solutions that will make a positive impact to climate change and food production.

Peter Wadhams, Shane Bond, Dr Vincenzo Riggio, Dr Cornelia Wilson and Paddy Doyle presented their ground-breaking research across 3 rounds of competition, with their final winning presentation focused on the impact of the nano nutrient in food systems.

Our sustainable, natural nano-nutrient uses waste materials and once we deploy it into water, it has these incredible benefits:
◦ Sinks atmospheric carbon from the atmosphere at a rate of one tonne per hectare.
◦ Creates dissolved oxygen to support and restore a healthy marine eco system
◦ Regenerates waste water into an environmentally friendly solution.
◦ Repairs water quality where it is in a bad eutrophic state, so that fish farmers around the world can restore their stocking rates and claim back their livelihoods.

Bare Native has been recognised as a leader in reversing the effects of climate change within global water bodies and restoring our food systems whilst sinking atmospheric carbon on an unprecedented scale never seen before.

Our nano-nutrient is patent-pending and it’s completely safe to our planet, regenerates water systems, and makes marine eco systems thrive once more, whilst also supporting the global food economy and creating green jobs.

This is a huge win for climate science and future food production for our planet. Abigail Gibson-Wass, founder of Bare Native says “a monumental win that showcases the diversity of our nano nutrient development that proves its credibility as viable solution that tackles climate change and food production. What started out as a very simple idea, has evolved exponentially thanks to our team of extraordinary science minds. We’ve spent many hours formulating a viable, efficient, and completely natural solution to climate change that can absorb carbon from the atmosphere. Our dream is to deliver affordable CO2 sequestration processes using all water bodies across the world by capturing between 30-40GT per year through atmospheric carbon capture, whilst also reviving marine life and cleaning water for future generations.”

Bare Native is a Marine Bioscience company based in West Mersea, Essex, UK. Research and development is carried out in partnership with Politecnico di Torino, Cambridge Polar Consultants Ltd and Canterbury Christ Church University.

Our Dream : Deliver affordable CO2 sequestration processes using all water bodies across the world by capturing between 30-40GT per year through atmospheric carbon capture, whilst also reviving marine life and cleaning water for future generations. 

Our Mission : Significantly reducing CO2 from the atmosphere to reverse historical human impact on our planet.

For further information contact:
Telephone: +44 (0) 7803828415

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